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Why Us

With Lion Security Services you can avail following services which can be an advantage to you:-

Your Business/social status will be projected on a positive scale.
Lion Security Services follows a high quality code of conduct and disciplinary Measures which creates a branding for our clients Businesses.

Protection & Maintainance of your Assets, Properties, Goods, Commodities, House, Office etc.
Lion Security Services offers manpower based on the customized requirement of our Client which help them in proper Maintainance and safety of their Assets.

Brings Goodwill to your Business
Secured Business is a most trusted one
in terms of investment, stability and profitability. So adding it up Lion Security Services can help in creating a Goodwill for our clientele.

In time of dispute / problem /fight / employee issues / facility management
Lion Security Services offers manpower as per client requirement to keep them 100% safeguard so that our Client remain cool, relaxed and safe.

Lion Security Services are necessary and helpful to our client as:-
We are among the very few of the registered Private Security Agency
Registered under the Home Deptt., Govt. of West Bengal in Kolkata which are following all the necessary Guidelines to provide manpower.

Lion Security Services have expertise in all kinds of Safety and Security
Measures providing technique which help our client in a time of actual need proving The expertise and the commitment.

Quality of Service, Code of Conduct for Security Personnel are kept to the
Highest level so that the client feels high and dignified under the safeguarding of Lion Security Services. All the Personnel are trained to handle various untoward situation, Uniform and dress code Maintainance and regularity and discipline at work.

Do you know that we are offering the same quality of Services and work
At a much lower rate compared to the other Security Service Provider with an International name and fame.

Do you know that only a registered PSA can offer you Security Services
For your premises / site or business otherwise you may fall in lot of hassles and Embarrassment. For your piece of mind, please check whether your current Security Vendor follows the guideline or not. If NO please feel free to contact us at 033-2459 0913 / 3084 and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Services

  • Manpower Guarding
  • Cash Escort & Transit
  • Training & Administration Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Centralize Monitoring, Security System & Equipment

  • Vehicle Check & Guest record Register Maintainance